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The State of Alaska
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Alaska Energy Authority


The mission of the Alaska Energy Authority
is to reduce the cost of energy in Alaska

Projects, Fact Sheets, Studies Announcements  
AEA Owned Projects
Program and Project Fact Sheets
Southeast Alaska Integrated Resource Plan (SE IRP)
Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project
Alaska Regional Energy Planning
PCE Eligibility and Certification Determination Request Form

Programs Interior Energy Project ( IEP)
Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency
          Diesel Efficiency
          Energy Efficiency and Conservation
          Geothermal Energy
          Hydroelectric Power
          Ocean and River Energy
          Solar Energy
          Wind Energy
Bulk Fuel and Rural Power System Upgrades
          REG Support Website
Community Assistance
Emerging Energy Technology Fund Grant Program
Loan Programs
Power Cost Equalization
Remote Monitoring Cameras
Wood Energy Pre-feasibility Grant Program
Village Energy Efficiency Program (VEEP)

Interior Energy Plan

AK Legislature Unanimously Passes Interior Energy Plan
LNG to Fairbanks Report - Feb 2013

Employment Opportunities 

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Press Releases Procurement
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Procurement Opportunities

Publications State of Alaska
Renewable Energy Fund Grant Program
Alaska Energy Statistics 1960-2011 Final Report, Workbook

An Alaska-British Columbia Transmission Intertie 2014

Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations for Alaska
List of Approved Buildings for The Commercial Building Energy Audit Program 2014
Alaska Energy Efficiency Map
Alaska Energy End-Use Study 2012
Recommendations for Alaska Energy Efficiency and Conservation Public Education and Outreach, Dec 2011
Amended and Restated Alaska Intertie Agreement 11-18-11
IMC Railbelt Operating & Reliability Standards
Alaska Railbelt Transmission Plan
Alaska Energy Plan 2010
Archived Conference Materials
More Publications
Railbelt Large Hydro Reports
Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska 2013

2012 AEA Report To Alaskans

REFAC Meeting 1/9/15
Preliminary REF Status Update 1/9/15
REFAC Meeting 9/22/14
Renewable Energy Fund Round VIII
Renewable Energy Fund Round VII
     and Recommendations
Round VI - Recommendations
Impact Evaluation Report, Renewable Energy Fund
Renewable Energy Fund Process Evaluation Report
Round VI - Request for Applications - 2014 Funding
Round V - Request for Applications - 2013 Funding
Round IV Applications and Analysis, Updated 3-30-11
Round IV - 2012 Funding 
Rounds I, II & III Precontruction & Construction Maps
Round III Recommendations   
Round III  
Rounds I & II Applications & Analysis
Rounds I & II 

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Alaska Industrial Development
and Export Authority

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