Alaska Energy Authority is proud to host the second Alaska Energy Project Finance Seminar. This event will bring project developers together with lenders from both the public and private sectors to learn about financing for building efficiency and energy generation projects, with the intention of sparking new investment in projects around the state.


The last part of the day is reserved for the Energy Project Deal Room, where four energy project developers selected from an applicant pool and assisted through the project development process will have an opportunity to pitch their project to lenders in the room, fostering group discussion on innovation in project financing and making connections that ultimately lead to closed deals, constructed projects, saved energy and economic development.



Energy efficiency is widely recognized as a critical first step in saving energy and money at the building and community scale. A few years ago it seemed Alaska was awash in grant funding to pay for all sorts of projects – including building efficiency improvements,but that era has passed. Today the future of energy projects and the ability of public and private commercial building owners, utilities, and energy infrastructure owners to pay for them lies in figuring out how to finance projects. On March 1st and 2nd, AEA and project partners will bring together energy project representatives and building owners with lenders of many stripes to explore how Alaska can overcome the barriers to commercial building and energy project finance, grow this market, and ultimately benefit statewide end-users as well as the economy.

  • community representatives
  • building owners
  • energy planners
  • Alaska Native Corporation staff
  • private investors
  • bankers
  • public loan officers



  • CDQ staff
  • legal counsel
  • government officials
  • program managers
  • contractors
  • project developers
  • and anyone else with an interest
    in bringing critical energy cost savings
    to the commercial building sector across Alaska

1. Where's the money?
2. What makes a good investment?
3. How do you package an energy project as an investment or bankable loan application?
4. What's currently preventing projects and financers from connecting?

The most exciting component of the Energy Project Financing Seminar will be the afternoon session, the “Deal Room.” Think of a friendlier, more collaborative version of Shark Tank, or something along the lines of the 1 Million Cups movement. We will provide a forum for folks to pitch project ideas to financers and for financiers to share information about their financing tools to folks with projects needing funds to develop. Projects and financing tools will be vetted before being approved for the Deal Room presentations. Each presenter will have a predetermined number of minutes to present their project or financing tool, after which the crowd will ask questions and together we will attempt to facilitate initial connections between projects ready to develop and the money that can help make them happen.  



Energy Project Finance Seminar 2017 Sponsors




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