Lead by Example

May 26, 2010    Recognizing the tremendous importance of energy efficiency, as well as the need to lead by example, the Alaska Energy Authority has instituted a building energy policy to help raise awareness and lower unnecessary consumption. Your workplace could do the same! Feel free to use our new policy as a template for writing your own.

AIDEA & AEA Building Energy Use Policies and Procedures

Policy 030-001 Adopted May 26, 2010            

It is the policy of AIDEA and AEA to conserve energy and use energy efficiently.  Whenever feasibl, we take a long-term and life-cycle approach to ensure that the products and designs utilized achieve our goals of minimizing energy use and environmental impacts, while at the same time presenting the best life-cycle performance and the lowest cost possible.

Employee Energy Conservation Measures

Starting Wednesday, May 26, 2010, employees are asked to participate in the following energy conservation measures:           

  1. Lights - Each employee is responsible for turning off the lights in their area when not in use.  If the work area lighting is shared, it is the responsibility of the last person in the work area to turn off the lights at the end of the day.
  2. Computers - Each employee is responsible for turning off their computer and other peripherals upon their departure each day, and if possible, employees are asked to switch off their power strip.  The energy efficiency team is available to assist employees to set up power strips in easily accessible areas, or to provide equipment to make this process easier or automated.
  3. Printers - Teams of employees who share equipment, such as printers and copiers, are responsible for switching off this equipment when not in use at the end of the day.
  4. Window Coverings - Employee comfort and productivity is valued foremost.    To the extent possible, employees with external windows in their offices are encouraged to use the window coverings to increase heat gain and natural day lighting during winter/heating months and decrease heat gain during air conditioning days.
  5. Windows - Whenever possible, employees should refrain from opening windows, especially when the outdoor temperature is much colder or warmer than comfortable indoor temperatures (68-74⁰ F).  If a window is opened, the employee should ensure that it is closed when no longer needed.
  6. Double Siding - Whenever possible, employees should print documents double-sided. IT staff will set the default mode of all printers and copiers to double-sided, and any new printers or copiers that are purchased will be Energy Star rated and have the double-sided printing feature.  This paper-saving measure will reduce costs and off-site energy consumption.

Organization Energy Efficiency Policies

An appointed staff member will track energy use monthly through use of EPA’s Portfolio Manager (or similar) and will distribute energy use updates to employees regularly.               

  1. The organization will purchase Energy Star appliances and equipment whenever feasible, and will endeavor to be energy efficient in all aspects of work.
  2. The organization will consider other energy saving, water saving, and materials saving purchases and procedures, and will select products and implement procedures when feasible to reduce the organization’s overall lifecycle environmental impacts.

We thank all employees for their participation in AIDEA and AEA’s energy efficiency and conservation measures!  Together, we can make a substantial positive difference.


For more information contact

Cady Lister, Economist
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program
Tel. 907-771-3039     Fax 907-771-3044
Email: clister@aidea.org            

Katie Conway, Assistant Project Manager
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program
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Email: kconway@aidea.org

Rebecca Garrett, Project Development Specialist
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