Mt. Spurr Technical Conference

The Mt. Spurr Technical Conference was held on Monday, August 27 at the Wilda Marsten Theater in the ZJ Loussac Public Library.


August 27, 2007 - Agenda


Introductory Remarks:

Tom Irwin, Commissioner, Department of Natural Resources


Geologic setting & geothermal exploration at Mt. Spurr

Christopher Nye, Geologist, Alaska Volcano Observatory/Alaska Division of Geologic and Geophysical Surveys

Mt. Spurr is the closest active volcano to large population centers and infrastructure in Alaska. It consists of an ancestral volcano, a large caldera, a central cone and a flank cone. Exploration studies in 1985 found geophysical and geochemical anomalies that can be interpreted as originating from a geothermal system. Further exploration of this anomaly is an exploration target.


Infrastructure development at Mt. Spurr

Lorie Dilley, Engineer, Hattenburg, Dilley and Linnell, Inc.

Ms. Dilley will present a broad look at needed infrastructure for a geothermal field and power plant at Mt. Spurr and provide order of magnitude costs. The focus will be on accessibility, site development, transmission lines, and the engineering aspects of creating a new geothermal field in remote Alaska.


Leases & the permitting process in Alaska

Kevin Banks, Kathy Means, and Bruce Anders, Alaska Division of Oil & Gas

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas has the responsibility for leasing and administrating geothermal resources on state land. Kevin, Kathy and Bruce will give an overview of the leasing process and permitting requirements for geothermal development on state land. They will also provide a status report on DNR’s current plans for the Mt. Spurr area.


Opportunities to coordinate Mt. Spurr development with a nearby 300 MW hydropower prospect

Nick Goodman, CEO TDX Power

Mr. Goodman will provide a project summary about the proposed Chackachamna hydroelectric project. He will address its proximity to Mt. Spurr, and explore how geothermal, hydro and wind might interact together in a beneficial way for the railbelt.


Railbelt utility issues related to Mt. Spurr development

James Strandberg, Project Manager, Alaska Energy Authority

Mr. Strandberg will give an overview of Alaska’s Railbelt Grid and assess how a geothermal power project could be integrated into the Grid. He will describe AEA’s Unified System Operations project to study the Railbelt Utility Grid Authority concept, and its potential effect on future access to Railbelt markets and the economic viability of a geothermal project at Mt. Spurr.


» Geologic Setting - Christopher Nye

» Infrastructure - Lorie Dilley

» Leases/Permitting - Oil & Gas

» Opportunities - Nick Goodman

» Railbelt utility - James Strandberg


Photographs from Overflight of Mt. Spurr

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