AEA’s Geothermal Program supports assessment and development of geothermal resources throughout Alaska, including projects for:

  • Electrical power generation

  • Simple direct use of geothermal resources

  • Heat pumps – drawing heat from ground, air, or water


Geothermal Introduction


Geothermal Exploration on the Island of Akutan

 Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) 
 The Future of Geothermal Energy (MIT Report, 2006) 
 An Evaluation of Enhanced Geothermal Systems Technology
 Geothermal Technologies Program: Multi-Year Research, Development and Demonstration Plan


 Program Information
 Geothermal Program Fact Sheet   Academic Institutions, Associations, Conferences, State and Federal Programs 
 Resource Publications   Heat Pumps  
 Geothermal Projects   Geothermal Bibliography
 Geothermal Exploration  


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