Anemometer Loan Program

Anemometer Loan Program

The Anemometer Loan Program is aimed at communities with the potential for utility grade wind energy projects. This program supplies meteorological “met” towers, data logging equipment, and technical support to utilities and communities interested in wind power production. Wind resource potential is quantified by collecting wind speed and direction data, as well as temperature for air density calculations.  After a minimum of 0ne year of data is collected the program’s towers are then relocated to other communities.  Such onsite met data allows for more precise modeling and feasibility studies and is often required by potential project funding sources. Funding for this program is from the Denali Commission and USDOE.

Typical Met Tower Setup-pdf
Met Tower Overview            
Power Predictor Evaluation            

We encourage interested communities to contact us to learn more about this program. Application documents are attached below.

Anemometer, Turbine and Crane FAA Notification Procedures
Wind Energy Resource Assessment Program Statement of Interest
Notice of Proposed Construction

For more information please contact   

Josh Craft,
Wind Program Manager

Tel. (907) 771-3043
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