Wind Map

Wind Map

A high-resolution wind resource map of Alaska has been developed in coordination with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and AWS Truepower. This map can be used by landowners and communities to obtain a base level understanding of the relative quality of their local wind resource. The map can also be overlaid with GIS data for transmission lines, land use, or other renewable resources to aid in prospecting the ideal location for a potential project. The map integrates historical weather data at various heights above ground level, vegetation cover, terrain effects, and atmospheric simulation models. The model was then validated with local data measured by the AEA Anemometer Loan Program. For more information on how the maps are created, see

Statewide - 2010 AWS Truepower Data
Statewide - Installed Wind Fall 2015



Regional wind maps from across Alaska are provided here:

Wind Resource in Alaska Peninsula (map)
Wind Resource in Bristol Bay (map)            
Wind Resource in Central Aleutians (map)            
Wind Resource in Eastern Aleutians (map)            
Wind Resource in Gulf of Alaska (map)            
Wind Resource in Kotzebue Sound (map)            
Wind Resource in Lake and Peninsula Borough/Kodiak Island (map)            
Wind Resource in North Slope (map)            
Wind Resource in Northeast Alaska (map)            
Wind Resource in Northwest Alaska (map)            
Wind Resource in Norton Sound (map)            
Wind Resource in Southcentral Alaska (map)            
Wind Resource in Southeast Alaska (map)            
Wind Resource in Western Alaska (map)            

For access to Alaska's wind data through ArcGIS or Google Earth, you can follow the following links here:

Alaska Wind Data - ArcGIS
Alaska Wind Data - Google Earth            

For access to individual community wind maps you can go to the Wind Energy Analysis Data page.


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