Circuit Rider Program

Helps eligible utilities improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of their power systems and helps reduce the risk and severity of emergency conditions, by providing:

 Remote Monitoring Training
 Community Assistance Technical Consultation
 On-site Assistance Minor Repair

The program does not provide funding for major repairs or reconstruction of utility systems.  Local knowledge and proper maintenance and operations of the powerhouse provides generation reliability. There is no charge to the utility for these services.

Circuit Rider Maintenance Program Application

   Demonstrated need for assistance with operations maintenance and utility training
   Communities with a population of less than 2000
   Power plant operator and/or utility staff must be available for training and consultation during the time of the visit
   Power plant operators must maintain written performance logs between visits
   Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems must be available


Circuit rider assistance may include one or more visits to the community whose utility is selected to receive assistance or it may be limited to assistance provided telephonically or by electronic mail. The circuit rider assistance to be provided will be determined based on the authority's assessment, in consultation with the utility, of the utility's major needs and the authority's ability to provide assistance for those needs. Assistance that the authority may provide includes review of and recommendations to improve the system condition and system operations and maintenance, training utility personnel, and performing, or assisting utility personnel in their performance of, minor maintenance and repairs.

Circuit Rider Program Fact Sheet

For more information contact

Alan Fetters, AEA Rural Assistance Manager
Tel: 907-771-3063 
Fax: 907-771-3044