Emerging Energy Technology Fund Review Results

Round 1 Step 1 Review Results

Projects invited to submit full applications for Step 2 Review
Applicant Title
Lammergeier CleanTech Alaska Sewage Sludge Energy Conversion Plant Demonstration
Hatch Application of Composite Flywheels
Northwest Arctic Borough Arctic Field Testing and Power Curve Verification of the Renewegy VP-20 Wind Turbine 
Arctic Sun LLC Arctic Thermal Shutters & Doors
Alaska Division of Forestry Biomass Reforestation for Alaska Boreal Forests
Boschma Research, Inc. BRI Cyclo-Turbine for Energy Production
Cold Climate Housing Research Center Cold Climate Ground Source Heat Pump Demo
Alaska Dynamics Delta T Wood Stove Generator Project
UAF Design and Verification of a High-Temperature Exhaust Thimble for Increased Building Energy Efficiency and Safety
Marsh Creek Development of High Efficiency Diesel Electric Generator Set for Energy Projects in Alaska
Genesis Machining and Fabrication Diesel-Electric Propuplsion & Ultra-Efficient Generators
UAF Bristol Bay Campus Dillingham Hydrokinetic Project
UAF Electronic Submersible Pump as a Hydrokinetic Turbine
UAF Enhanced Condensation Technology for Organic Rankine Cycle
Intelligent Energy Systems Enhanced Smart Grid Services for the Chaninik Wind Group
Marsh Creek Experimental Modular Prototype Construction for Isolated Hybrid Energy Systems in Alaska
Polarconsult Alaska, Inc. High Voltage Direct Current Transmission System
Oceana Energy Company Hydrokinetic Device Evaluation
Altaeros Energies, Inc. Low Cost Airborne Wind Turbine for Remote villages
Titan Oil Recovery, Inc. Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Demonstration Project - Cook Inlet, Alaska
ORPC Rivgen Power System Commercialization
Intelligent Energy Systems Self Regulated Wind Diesel Grid Using Electric Thermal Storage Units
Alaska Applied Sciences Solid State Ammonia Synthesis(SASS)
The Auction Block Co. Solid-Fuel Absorption Refrigeration
Intelligent Energy Systems True Community Wind-Diesel Hybrid Using Smart Inverters and Fast Charging Batteries for Kwigillingok
UAF Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Standalone Systems
ABS Alaskan, Inc. VIVACE Hydrokinetic Power Generator System
Projects not selected for further consideration
Applicant Title
Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Inc. A Standard Approach to Industrial Energy Efficiency E3 (Economy, Energy, Environment) 
Benthic GeoScience Inc.  Acoustic Environemntal Hazard Evaluation for Riverine Hydrokinetics
DDI Energy, Incorporated ARC Power Generation Systems
Alaskan Burner R&D Blue Flame Burners to Improve Fuel Oil Stove Efficiency
EarthRun Energy Cnidaria System
Distributed Generation Technologies, LLC Demonstration of Aqua Flux, a Distributed Hydrokinetic Generation System, at Olive Creek Mine
Philip W. Kithil, dba Atmocean-Alaska Deploying and Operating a Pilot-Scale Array of the Atmocean Wave Energy/Sequestration Technology (West) in Yakutat
Alaska Applied Sciences Design & Tooling for Thin-shell Concrete Structures
Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation Determining Fuel Savings for Fuel Catalysts Deployed in the Seafood Industry
Marsh Creek Development of Electric Thermal Storage for Hybrid Energy Projects in Alaska
NANA Regional Corporation Dynamic Grid Balance for Isolated Diesel Power Grid
NANA Regional Corporation Dynamic Modeling of High-Penetration Wind-Diesel System and Deployment of Lithium Ion Energy Storage System
Chininik Wind Group Electric All Terrain Vehicles 
Arctic Solar Solutions Feasibility of Full Solar Transportation: Using Solar to Power Bicycles and Moppeds
OIT Inc. Heat Recovery project
Kawerak, Inc. Kawerak Inc., Native Village LED Lighting Demonstration Project
City of Bethel Liquified and Compressed Natural Gas as a Bridge to Reducing Energy Costs in Rural Alaska
The Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council Marine Environmental Solution Pre-Combustion Catalyst Injection System Test Project
Archipelago Marine Energy Marine Hydrokinetic Plant Development for Southeast Alaska
NANA Regional Corporation Micro-CHP Development with the Infinia CHP System in NW Alaska
Goldstream Solar Motion-Free Tracking Solar Concentrator for Fiberoptic Daylighting
City of Nenana Outdoor Lighting Retrofit and Control System Project
Hotel McGrath, LLC Peat Fuel
Whitestone Power and Communications Poncelet Kinetics RHK100 Prototype 
Cold Climate Housing Research Center Production of Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Cements
Hera Energy Pulse Stream Hydrokinetic Power
M3 Consulting
Services, Inc.
Renewable Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels from Industrial Processes
Sitka Sound Science Center Seawater Intake Wet Well and Pump Station District Loop
IllumiTek, LLC Smart Lighting Technology Project
RIC Enterprises Alaska Renewable Energy Snow & Ice Supported Wind Energy Powerplant
Tundra Greens Tundra Greens
Volcano View Partnership Village DC Micro-grid/storage/Renewable Energy
Jim's Welding Waste Heat Home Power System (WHHPS)
Energy Efficiency Evaluations, LLC Wind-Diesel-Storage Modeling Project
New Hope Refrigeration Zeolite Refrigeration Through Electro-Desorption

Round 2 Step 1 Review Results

Projects invited to submit full applications for Step 2 Review
Applicant Title
RIC Enterprises Alaska Renewable Energy Alaska Concentrating Congeneration Solar Energy System (ACCSES)
Alaska Dynamics, LLC Delta-T Wood Stove Generator Project
WHPacific, Inc. eHVA Engine Technology Demonstration Project
Cold Climate Housing Research Center Evaluation of Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps as an Energy Conservation Strategy
Shaan Seet Inc. Integrated Biomass Heat Storage & Distribution
Chugach Electric Association, Inc. Multi-Stage Flywheel/Battery Energy Storage System
UAF Project Reliable Infrastructure for Secure Electricity (RISE) in Alaska
TDX Power, Inc. Sand Point Inverter-Battery System
Arctic Sun, LLC Sustainable Greenhouse for the North
Alaska SeaLife Center Trans-Critical CO2 Heat Pump System
Projects not selected for further consideration
Applicant Title
Alaska Burner R&D Blue Flame Burners to Improve Fuel Efficiency
Archipelago Marine Energy Demonstrating Tidal Energy in Southeast Alaska
UAF Development and Testing of the Neptunea Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Turbine
University Mechanical Contractors, Inc Development of a High Efficiency Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Plant
Enhanced Water Recovery Energy Efficient Water Recycle Project
Polarconsult Alaska, Inc. HVDC Transmission System for Rural Alaska Applications Phase III
Intelligent Energy Systems, LLC Improvements to 100 kW Wind Turbine for Village Power
Northern Energy Foundation Natural Gas Conversion to Liquid Fuels
UAF Performance and Debris Mitigation Technologies for VIVACE River Energy Conversion
UAA Solar-driven Ground Cooling System for Foundations in Marginal Permafrost for Alaska
Polarconsult Alaska, Inc. Testing of Innovative Overhead Power Line Components
Heavy Oil Solutions, LLC Using SuperCritical Water Extraction and Refining (SCWER) to Convert Coal to Oil
Intelligent Energy Systems, LLC Variable Speed Diesel Generator Set for Village Power and Wind-Diesel Applications
Marsh Creek, LLC Variable Speed Synchronous Generator on Direct Drive Wind Turbines
Marsh Creek, LLC Variable Speed Synchronous Generator Technology to the Diesel/Renewable Micro-Grid
Division of Forestry - Tok Village Scale Biomass Fuel Harvest & Processing
Energy Efficiency Evaluations Wind-Diesel-Storage Modeling Project

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