Renewable Energy Fund (REF)

REF and Grant Recommendation Program Fact Sheet

The Alaska Energy Authority (the Authority) will not be issuing a Renewable Energy Fund (REF) Request for Applications (RFA) in Fiscal Year 2017. For more information please see this Announcement Regarding the Renewable Energy Fund Round X (Link)


The Alaska Renewable Energy Fund (REF) provides benefits to Alaskans by assisting communities across the state to reduce and stabilize the cost of energy. The program is designed to produce cost-effective renewable energy for heat and power to benefit Alaskans statewide. The program also creates jobs, uses local energy resources, and keeps money in local economies.

The REF was established by the Alaska State Legislature in 2008, and extended 10 years in 2012. The REF is managed by the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) and provides public funding for the development of qualifying and competitively selected renewable energy projects in Alaska.

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Previous Rounds

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Advisory Committee

The Renewable Energy Fund Advisory Committee (REFAC) works in consultation with AEA, offering valuable guidance and policy direction regarding the application and evaluation process, and final funding recommendations. The REFAC is comprised of nine members: REFAC members appointed by the Governor.

REFAC Members Appointed by the Governor:
Brad Reeve Small Alaska Rural Electric Utility
Bradley Evans Large Alaska Urban Electric Utility
Jodi Mitchell Alaska Native Organization
Chris Rose Businesses or Organizations Engaged in the Renewable Energy Sector
Kathleen Wasserman                  Denali Commission
REFAC Members Appointed by the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate:
Speaker of the House of Representatives Appointees Rep. Bryce Edgmon 
  Rep. Jim Colver
 President of the Senate Appointees Sen. Lyman Hoffman
     Sen. Anna MacKinnon



REFAC Boards & Commissions Page
REFAC Meeting documents
Alaska Energy Data Inventory  Alaska Energy Gateway
Chapter 31 SLA 08 House Bill 152 Regulations: 3 AAC 107.600 - 107.695


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