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Alaska Energy Authority

2012 Funding Cycle - Round IV
July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

Email notices for the Renewable Energy Fund Grant Program. click here: State of Alaska List Server, find, click "join" and follow the instructions

Request for Application Application Forms

Renewable Energy Fund Grant Application Recommendation Program

Request for Applications - RFA AEA11-005

Clarification to Request for Grant Applications

Clarification for 2b for Grant Applications

Grant Application Form

Cost Worksheet

Grant Budget Form Instructions (pdf)

Grant Budget Form

Standard Grant Agreement (Sample)

Grant Documents Authorized Signers

Background Information

Chapter 31 SLA 08 House Bill 152

Regulation 3 AAC 107.600 - 107.695

ISER Fuel Price Projections 2010-2030

Spreadsheet model for Round IV RE Fund project economic assessment. Includes fuel price projections and other assumptions used in AEA analyses.

Schedule Contact Us

Round IV Applications received

December 15, 2010, Complete Review and Evaluation of Applications

January 28, 2011, Projects submitted to the Legislature for review and approval

May 17, 2011, Projects approved for funding (contingent upon Legislative Action)

August 1, 2011, Finalize Award Documents (contingent upon AEA receiving all documentation needed for award)

Alaska Energy Authority
813 West Northern LIghts Boulevard
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Phone 907-771-3048
Fax 907-771-3942


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ROUND IVI
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Round IV - FAQs Week 3
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ROUNDS I, II, III
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FAQ 1 - Project Eligibility FAQ 3 - Funding and Match
FAQ 1 - Funding and Match FAQ 4 - Applicant Eligibility

FAQ 2 - Applicant Eligibility

FAQ 4 - Project Eligibility

FAQ 2 - Project Eligibility

FAQs - October 8-20, 2009-Round III Applicants
FAQ 2 - Funding and Match

Alaska Industrial Development
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Alaska Energy Authority
813 West Northern Lights Boulevard,  Anchorage, AK 99503
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