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AEA RE Fund Round V Applications and Analysis
Alaska Energy Authority

Renewable Energy Fund Applications and Analysis
Round V
January 25, 2012

Renewable Energy Fund Round V

RE Fund Cover Letter (PDF) (pdf) -

RE Fund Summary and Methodology

Statewide and Regional Ranking (Directory)

Summary of Methods (PDF)

RE Fund Grant Regulations (PDF)

Alaska Renewable Energy Fund Status Report (1.1MB PDF)

Alaska Renewable Energy Fund Status Report - Appendix (2.38MB PDF)

Alaska Fuel Price Projections 2011-2035 (ISER) (Directory)

Project-Specific Material

Project Summaries & AEA Evaluations (8.4MB PDF)

Individual Project Summaries (Directory)

RE Fund RFA and Forms (PDF)

Economic Summaries (Directory)

Round V Applications Received August 2011 (Directory)

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For more information contact:

Shawn Calfa, Grants Administrator
Tel. 907.771.3031
Fax 907.771.3044

Alaska Industrial Development
and Export Authority

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