As a condition for renewing the license for the Cooper Lake hydroelectric facility in 2007, Chugach Electric Association is in the middle of construction on a project that will divert water from Stetson Creek into Cooper Lake, and divert water from Cooper Lake into Cooper Creek. The diversions will result in a net gain of 8,029 acre-feet of storage in the lake, which will allow Cooper Lake Power Plant to generate an additional 6,020 MWh/yr. The diversion of water from Cooper Lake into Cooper Creek will enhance fish habitat in Cooper Creek.

The additional hydro power generated will offset 49,364 mcf of gas-fired generation per year. The Stetson Creek Diversion project will be completed in 2015 and will allow the Cooper Lake hydro plant to remain in operation for another 50 years.

A siphon works will allow releases to Cooper Creek from the reservoir at Chugach’s Cooper Lake Hydroelectric Project (photo courtesy of Chugach Electric).