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Geothermal Energy

AEA's Geothermal Energy Program is actively involved in the location, investigation, and development of geothermal resources across the state of Alaska. Due to Alaska's geologic and tectonic history, substantial geothermal resources have been identified across the state. These resources can be classified into four general regions:

  1. The "Ring of Fire" region including the Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutian Islands.
  2. The Wrangell Mountain region located in eastern Alaska next to the Copper River Basin.
  3. The Interior region ranging from the Seward Peninsula to Western Canada.
  4. The Southeast region ranging from Baranof Island to Ketchikan.

    Akutan Geothermal

    Geothermal Exploration on the Island of Akutan

There are many active projects within the state. Chena Hot Springs was the first geothermal project to be completed in Alaska with a 400kw geothermal plant installed in 2006 that displaces approximately 160,700 gallons of diesel fuel each year. Other active projects include a ground source heat pump at the Dimond Aquatic Center in Juneau as well as investigations at Pilgrim Hot Springs (near Nome), and in Hot Springs Bay Valley on the island of Akutan.

Despite Alaska’s significant geothermal potential, the attributes of Alaska’s geothermal resources remain poorly defined. AEA is involved in multiple activities to promote and develop the use of geothermal energy. AEA is coordinating a statewide geothermal working group of academic, industry, and government experts in geothermal energy.

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