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The State of Alaska
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Ocean and River Energy
Alaska Energy Authority
Resource and Device Assessments

Alaska Resource Assessments

Device Assessments

Resource Links

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Weather Service



Alaska Projects

Statewide Hydrokinetic Assessment

Other Projects

Verdant Power’s


Regulatory Issues

Resource Agency Contact Information

  1. Alaska Coastal Management Program (ACMP)-The place to start for projects in the coastal zone, which extends up many of Alaska's rivers. Especially see: Is your project consistent with the ACMP?
  2. Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Land Use
  3. Alaska Department of Natural Resource, Office of History & Archeology.
  4. Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Water Resources Program.
  5. Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Habitat Division  
  6. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  7. National Marine Fisheries Service
  8. National Park Service—Recreation and aesthetics
  9. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District
  10. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Fisheries & Ecological Services
  11. U.S. Coast Guard, Private Aids to Navigation
  12. U.S. Coast Guard
Further Information

Academic and Industry Institutes, Governmental Research
Alaska Hydrokinetic Working Group
Conferences and Other Resources
Hydrokinetics Bibliography
Tidal Hydrokinetic Energy in Alaska, Cook Inlet Stakeholder Meeting

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Alan Baldivieso, Program Manager
Emerging Energy Technology, Hydrokinetics and Geothermal

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Alaska Industrial Development
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