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The State of Alaska
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Alaska Energy Authority

Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency (AEEE)

» Biomass Energy
» Diesel Efficiency

» Energy Efficiency and Conservation
» Geothermal Energy
» Hydroelectric Power
» Ocean and River Energy
» Solar Energy
» Wind Energy

Energy System Upgrades (Bulk Fuel and Rural Power Systems)

Loan Programs (link)

» Power Project Fund
» Bulk Fuel Revolving Loan Fund

Power Cost Equalization (PCE)

» Economic assistance to customers in rural areas of Alaska

Community Assistance

» Outreach and support for project fundings and implementations


»Training for local residents to operate and maintain their energy infrastructure


AEA Owned Projects

» State-owned energy assets

AEA Remote Monitoring

» View project sites via web cam

Alaska-Canada Electrical Intertie Study

Railbelt Electrical Grid Authority Study

Alaska Intertie
Alaska Industrial Development
and Export Authority

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