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Energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C) are the low hanging fruit of efforts to meet sustainable energy goals.  In Alaska, a defining energy goal is to improve energy efficiency by 15% between 2010 and 2020.  AEA focuses its end use energy efficiency program activities on commercial buildings, public buildings, industrial facilities, and electrical efficiency.  Additionally, AEA  organizes the collaborative multi-stakeholder group called the Alaska Energy Efficiency  Partnership Alaska Energy Efficiency Partnership.   AEA also addresses generation efficiency  through its Rural Power System Upgrade Program (RPSU).            

For more information contact:

Cady Lister, Chief Economist
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program
Tel. 907-771-3039  
Fax 907-771-3044                      

Rebecca Garrett, Project Development Specialist
Tel. (907) 771-3042
Fax (907) 771-3930

Katie Conway, Government Relations and Outreach Efficiency Manager
Tel.  (907) 771-3078  
FAX (907) 771-3044