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Currently Alaska Energy Authority’s (AEA) Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency (AEEE) program manages and funds projects and initiatives totaling $188 million in state and federal funding. Projects seek to lower the cost of power and heat to Alaskan communities while maintaining system safety and reliability.

AEA's Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency programs promote:

  • Use of renewable energy resources and local sources of coal and natural gas alternatives to diesel-based power, heat, and fuel production.
  • Measures to improve efficiency of energy production and end use.

AEA publishes the biennial Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency Assistance Plan.
This plan describes:

  • Available funding and funding that AEA plans to request for alternative energy and energy efficiency assistance.
  • Types of assistance that AEA provides and plans to provide.
  • Criteria for allocating funds

The U.S. Department of Energy is pleased to share for your use a new, free java-based widget that is an easy, one-stop resource for your constituents to identify energy incentives available to them from the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE).

Since 1995, DSIRE has been the go-to source for up-to-date information on the almost 3,000 federal, state and local renewable energy programs designed to save money for American homeowners and businesses. And now, the interactive widget makes that information available from any website.

To download the widget, go to the DOE EERE Social Media page (a thumbnail is embedded to show you how it looks), look for the DSIRE rectangle box with the red banner and click the “Get Widget” tab. Follow further instructions to download the widget onto your website or other digital communications.


2011 Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska

Alaska Energy Efficiency Program and Policy Recommendations, June 2008

Alternative Energy & Energy Efficiency - Summer 2011

Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency Funding Graph

Alaskan Small-Scale Renewable Energy Equipment and Service Providers

Biennial AEEE Assistance Plan 2007


Biomass Energy (Wood)

Ocean and River Energy

Diesel Efficiency


Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Transmission and Distribution


Wind Energy

Hydroelectric Power

Alaska Energy Data Inventory

For information specific to a particular resource area, please click the appropriate link above. For general inquiries on alternative energy and energy efficiency, please contact:


Sean Skaling, Deputy Director
Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency

Tel. (907) 771-3079
Fax (907) 771-3044


Alaska Industrial Development
and Export Authority

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