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Alaska Energy Authority

Alaska Energy Authority Financial Statements

FY2013    FY2012     FY2011    FY2010

AEA and AIDEA Memorandum of Understanding, February 17, 2010

Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency Publications - Biomass, Coal and Natural Gas, Diesel Efficiency, End Use Efficiency, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Tidal, Transmission and Distribution, Interties, Wind)

Alaska Energy Statistics 1960 2011 Final Report and Data tables New
Alaska Energy Statistics 1960 2011 Preliminary Report and Data tables
Alaska Energy Statistics 1960 2010 Report and Data tables
Alaska Energy Statistics 1960-2009 Report and Data tables
Alaska Energy Statistics 1960-2008 Report and Data tables
Alaska Energy Authority Financial Statements FY2008
Alaska Energy Policy Task Force
Alaska Rural Energy Plan, July 2004
Alaska Energy End-Use Study 2012

PCE Statistical Reports By Utility:     
FY2013      FY2012      FY2011      FY2010       FY2009
FY2008      FY2007      FY2006      FY2005       FY2004      

PCE Statistical Reports By Community:
FY2013     FY2012
Alaska Wind Energy Development, Best Practices Guide to Environmental Permitting and Consultations September 2009
Amended Intertie Agreement - Open Access Rules as adopted 12-20-2013 New
Bulk Fuel Revolving Loan Fund borrower limits have increased. See BFRLF Program details for updated figures.
Energy Efficiency and Conservation: Building Energy Monitors

Energy Saver Tips for Rural Alaska:
2009     2011

Force Account Labor Payroll Documents
Financial Statements for Bradley Lake PMC Operating and Revenue Funds - June 2010 and 2009
Power Project Fund Update 2008
Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska 2013  
Responses to DCCED Finance Subcommittee 2007
Rural Energy Action Council Energy Policy and Strategy Recommendations Report December 2006 
Rural Energy Action Council Recommendations Report, April 2005
        Appendices A through L (Separate document > large file >3.5mb)
Susitna Reports
Switchgear Evaluation Report - December 2007


Bulk Fuel Upgrade Program
Rural Power System Upgrade Program Project
Bulk Fuel Upgrade Reference Manual


Training Brochure
AVTEC Training Application

Alaska Industrial Development
and Export Authority

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