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Railbelt Large Hydro
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Susitna Watana Project

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Railbelt Large Hydro Project

In 2010, the Alaska State Legislature passed legislation which declares a State energy policy.  The bill directs the State to receive 50 percent of its electrical generation from renewable and alternative energy sources by 2025. Hydropower, the lowest cost energy for Alaska consumers, currently provides approximately 24 percent of the electrical energy used in Alaska. The only way to achieve the new goal of deriving 50 percent of our electricity from renewable and alternative sources is for a new, large hydroelectric project to be built in the Railbelt region.

The 2010 Legislature provided funding to Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) for the preliminary planning, design, permitting and field work for the Susitna and Chakachamna Projects, as well as Glacier Fork and other hydroelectric projects along the Railbelt.

AEA recommends that the Low Watana site on the Susitna River should be the primary hydroelectric project for Alaska’s Railbelt. Of the projects examined, the Susitna Project not only has the best chance of being built; it will provide cost-effective, reliable, long-term power for the Railbelt, and it will help the state meet its recently established long-range goal.

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