The Beneficiary Mitigation Plan summarizes how the State allocation of mitigation funds will be distributed among the 10 Eligible Mitigation Actions to reduce NOx emissions. AEA submitted the Beneficiary Mitigation Plan to the Trustee December 2018.

The Plan describes:

  • Alaska’s overall goal for the use of the funds;
  • categories of Eligible Mitigation Actions we anticipate will be appropriate to achieve the stated goals and the preliminary assessment of the percentages of funds anticipated to be used for each type of Eligible Mitigation Action;
  • how the potential beneficial impact of the selected Eligible Mitigation Actions on air quality in areas that bear a disproportionate share of the air pollution burden will be considered;
  • the expected ranges of emission benefits we estimate would be realized by implementation of the Eligible Mitigation Actions identified in the Plan; and
  • the process for seeking and considering public input on the Plan.