Whether building modern and code-compliant bulk fuel tank farms, upgrading to high-efficiency generators in rural powerhouse systems or integrating renewable energy projects, AEA emphasizes community-based project management. AEA’s core programs work to diversify  Alaska’s energy portfolio, lead energy planning and policy, invest in Alaska’s energy infrastructure and provide rural Alaska with technical and community assistance. AEA also manages the Renewable Energy Fund, the Emerging Energy Technology Fund, the Power Cost Equalization Program and various Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programs. AEA provides grants and loans for qualified energy infrastructure projects and also owns energy infrastructure for the benefit of Alaskans.


Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) projects and programs support its mission by:
  1. providing for the operation and maintenance of existing Authority-owned projects with maximum utility control; 
  2. assisting in the development of safe, reliable, and efficient energy systems throughout Alaska, which are sustainable and environmentally sound; 
  3. reducing the cost of electricity for residential customers and community facilities in rural Alaska; and 
  4. responding quickly and effectively to electrical emergencies. 

What We Do