One of the most common barriers to community project development is funding. AEA has a number of ongoing funding sources for different types of energy projects. We also work closely with many other agencies and can even help you seek funding opportunities beyond our own.

AEA resources to help you:

  • Power Project Fund loan program: The Power Project Fund (PPF) provides loans for the development or upgrade of power facilities and infrastructure.
  • Renewable Energy Fund grant program: The Renewable Energy Fund (REF) is a competitive grant program that funds renewable energy projects to reduce and stabilize the cost of power.
  • Rural Power System Upgrade program: The Rural Power System Upgrade (RPSU) program provides grants in partnership with the Denali Commission to upgrade or replace rural power facilities.
  • Bulk Fuel Upgrade program: The Bulk Fuel Upgrade (BFU) program similarly provides grant funding for rural bulk fuel facilities.
  • Diesel Emission Reduction Act program: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides Diesel Emission Reductions Act (DERA) grants through AEA to reduce the emissions of rural diesel power plants by increasing the efficiency of their engines.
  • VW Settlement: The Volkswagen (VW) Settlement established a trust fund for projects that reduce NOx emissions in Alaska.
  • External funding resources: Our staff maintain and update a list of other External Funding Resources for energy projects. Please let us know if you are interested in joining the mailing list for that publication or just ask if you’d like help funding a specific project.