AEA Board Meeting Resolutions (2023-1993)

  Year / R esolution #  Subject
2024-01 Ratifying Governors Submission of the FY25 Operating Budget and Captial Budget
2024-02 Providing for Amendments to Resolution 2022-07
2024-03 Regarding Rural Energy Infrastructure
2024-04 Approving the Submittal of the Railbelt Innovative Resiliency Project GRIP 3, Round 2
2023-01 Ratifying Governor's FY24 Operating and Capital Budgets
2023-02 Power Project Fund Loan by the Authority to Ounalashka Chena Power LLC
2022-07 Tenth Supplemental Resolution
2022-06 Sale of Power Revenue Bonds
2022-05 Power Project Fund Loan - Energy 49
2022-04 Ratifying Settlement Agreement
2022-03 Appointment of Tim Sandstrom COO-Secretary-Treasurer
2022-02 Authorization to Transfer Equipment in Cantwell, AK to GVEA
2022-01 AEA FY23 Resolution Ratifying Governor's Operating and Capital Budget
2021-01 AEA FY22 Resolution Operating Budget Approval
2021-02 Endorsing Senate joint resolution No. 6  
2021-03 Investigation and development of strategic plan for Railbelt assets
2020-01 AEA FY21 Resolution Operating & Budget Approval
2020-07 Authorizing the purchase of Sterling Quartz Creek Transmission Line, Financing Terms, and Related Matters
2020-08 Providing for the Sale of Not to Exceed $17,000,000 of AEA Power Revenue Bonds, Tenth Series and Adopting Ninth Supplemental Resolution
2020-09 Approving Agreements Related to the Transmission Line Projects
2019-01 Appointment of AEA Executive Director/Interim Asst. Sec Treasurer
2019-02 Change in AEA ByLaws
2019-03 Sweetheart Lake - Authorizing Staff to Assist Project Development
2019-04 AEA Officers - Tim Sandstrom
2019-05 Capital Budget Request
2019-06 Operating Budget Resolution
2019-07 Board Budget Review & Approval
2018-01 Appointment fo Cady Lister, Officer of Authority
2017-01 Appointment of AEA Executive Director / Interim Asst. Sec-Treasrer
2017-02 Appointment of Acting AEA Executive Director/Secretary-Treasurer
2017-03 Battle Creek - Authority to continue to develop and finance plans
2017-04 New Clean Renewable Energy Bond Reimbursement
2017-05 Adoption of Power Project Operator Regulations
2017-06 Appointment of AEA Executive Director/Secretary-Treasurer
2017-07 Battle Creek - 7th Series Bond $40M
2017-08 Battle Creek - 8th Series Bond $1.2M
2017-09 Battle Creek - 9th Series Bond $5.7M
2016-01 Appointment of Kirk Warren, Officer of the Authority
2016-03 Appointment of Interim AEA Executive Director/Interim Asst. Sec-Treasurer
2016-04 Appointment of Officers - Kirk and Sean
2014-01 Loan to advance North Slope Gas
2014-02 Haida Energy PPF loan
2014-03 PCE Regulations
2014-04 Haida Energy PPF loan
2014-05 PPF Regulations
2014-06 Procurement Regulations
2013-01 Adoption of VEEP Regulations
2013-02 Adoption of CBEA Regulations
2013-03 Appointment of Michael Lamb, Officer of the Authority
2013-04 Amend bylaws - Appointment of Chair / Vice Chair
2013-05 RE-adoption of CBEA regulations
2013-06 PPF Loan - Humpback Creek
2012-01 Bylaws - Edits
2012-02 PPF Loan - South Fork Hydro, LLC
2012-03 Authorizing Filing of the BLM Application for Transportation and Utility Systems and Facilities on Federal Lands
2012-04 Appointment of Sean Skaling, Officer of the Authority
2012-05 Appointment of Eugene Therriault, Officer of Authority
2012-06 AIDEA & AEA Lending Agreement (Repeal of AEA 2001-03)
2011-01 Appointment of Executive Director - Sara Fisher-Goad
2011-02 Appointment of Sandra Moller as Deputy Director-Rural Energy and Linda MacMillan as Deputy Director-Operations, removal of Chris Anderson and reaffirmation of Valorie Walker and Peter Crimp
2011-03 Adoption of EETF Regulations
2011-04 Alaska Intertie Agreement
2010-01 PPF Loan - HAIDA Energy, Inc
2010-02 Sale and Delivery of Power Refunding Bonds Sixth Series (Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project)
2010-03 Approval of sale of the Power Project Fund loan porfolio to AIDEA
2010-04 Appointment of Acting Executive Director AEA
2010-05 Appointment of Officer (Peter Crimp - Deputy Director AE&EE)
2009-02 PPF Loan - TDX North Slope Generating Inc.
2009-03 Adoption of AEA Regulations
2009-04 Dispute Delegation to Executive Director
2008-01 Officer Appointment
2008-02 Amend By-Laws
2008-03 Officer Appointments
2006-01 Method for PCE Appropriations
2006-02 Officer Appointment
2006-03 Method for PCE Appropriations; Re-adoption
2006-05 Bulk Fuel Revolving Loan Fund
2005-01 Added Bulk Fuel Facility and Power SystemUpgrades; Circuit Rider & Electrical emergency assistance
2005-02 Added Contract Protest Section
2005-03 Procurement Protest Authority to Executive Director
2003-01 Officer Appointments
2003-02 Appointment to the Alaska Energy Policy Task Force
2002-01 Larsen Bay Hydro Funding
2002-02 Officer Appointment
2001-01 Officer Appointment
2001-02 Amend By-laws
2001-03 Authorizes AEA to borrow from AIDEA
2001-04 Officer Appointment
2001-05 Sale of Four Dam Pool Hydro Projects
2000-01 Officer Appointments
2000-02 Officer Appointments
1998-01 AK Intertie Line of Credit
1998-02 Four Dam Pool Line of Credit
1998-03 Bradley Lake Power Revenue Refunding Bonds, Fifth Series
1997-01 Officer Appointment
1997-02 Officer Appointment
1997-03 Bradley Lake Power Revenue Refunding Bonds, Fourth Series
1997-04 Sitka Utility Revenue Bonds
1996-01 Officer Appointment
1996-02 Officer Appointment
1996-03 Bradley Lake Moose Habitat Mitigation non-profit Corporation
1996-04 Terror Lake Trustees
1996-05 Officer Appointment
1996-06 Officer Appointment
1995-01 By-Laws Amendment
1995-02 RFP Issuance for Annual Audits
1995-03 Officer Re-Appointments
1995-04 CPA Firm Engagement for Annual Audits
1995-05 Authorizes AEA to Borrow from AIDEA
1994-01 Black Bear Lake Project Bonds
1994-02 Bradley Lake OM Agreement with HEA
1994-03 Officer Appointments
1994-04 Bradley Lake Master Maintenance & Operating Agreement with BPMC
1994-05 Terror Lake MOA
1994-06 FY95 Budget for Bradley Lake
1994-07 For Dam Pool Line of Credit Agreement
1994-08 Intertie Line of Credit Agreement
1994-09 Private Activity Bond  Allocation Authority
1994-10 Settlement of Bradley Lake Litigation
1993 Creation of Bylaws for the Alaska Energy Authority
1993-06 Dissolve the Alaska Energy Authority to DCRA - Resolution, Memo, and MOU
1993-07 Severance Pay & Notice for Certain Employees of the Authority

Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) Board Meeting Resolutions are listed below by year, resolution number, and subject matter.