2020 REF Recommendations

AEA is pleased to report that all REF Round 13 projects as recommended to the Legislature by AEA, in consultation with the REFAC, were fully funded with the passage and signing into law of House Bill 3003 in September 2021. A total legislative appropriation of $4.75 million, funding 11 REF projects was enacted. AEA is grateful to the Legislature for their recognition of the REF’s efficacy in promoting, and provided needed financial support for the development of viable renewable energy projects throughout all regions of the State. This appropriation will support the development of renewable energy projects across multiple project phases, and communities from the Aleutians to the Northwest Arctic will benefit.

REF Round 13 Funded Projects Summary
REF Round 13 Status Report
REF Round 13 Economic Evaluations
REF Round 13 Application Summaries Report

Application Documents

REF Round 13 Cover Letter (PDF, 268 KB)
Request for Applications (PDF, 648 KB)
Standard Application Form (Word, 132 KB)
Heat Application Form (Word, 126 KB)

Best Practices Guides

Biomass Best Practices Guide (PDF, 682 KB)
Heat Pumps Best Practices Guide (PDF, 677 KB)
Heat Recovery Best Practices Guide (PDF, 488 KB)
Hydro Power Best Practices Guide (PDF, 685 KB)
Solar Power Best Practices Guide (PDF, 676 KB)
Wind Power Best Practices Guide (PDF, 686 KB)

Economic Evaluation Model

Evaluation Model (Excel, 1.5 MB, updated 08/25/2020)
Rural Fuel Model Report (PDF, 627 KB)
Pricing Excess Electricity (PDF, 859 KB)

Additional Documents

Phase Prerequisites Checklists (Excel, 60 KB)
Business and Operations Management Plan Template (Word, 51 KB)
Business and Operations Management Plan Tables Template (Excel, 22 KB)