Electrical Emergency Assistance

Under 3 AAC 108.200 – 240, the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) provides on-call emergency response to a community to reduce the imminent threat to life or property during extended power outages.

If an eligible utility suffers an electrical emergency, the Authority will, subject to the availability of appropriations, assist the utility in responding to the emergency and recovering the ability to generate and transmit power to the utility's customers. Assistance may include financial assistance or technical assistance, including emergency repairs.

"Electrical emergency" means a condition in a utility's system that presents an imminent danger to life or the likelihood of significant disruption of electrical service.

AEA responds to a real or potential emergency situation before disaster or major loss occurs. Emergency response can include the repair of existing infrastructure or the procurement and/or installation of new equipment including engines, generators, and transformers.

Current funding is by Alaska legislative appropriation for procurement of labor, materials, and equipment during the emergency.

For an up-to-date snapshot of the AEA’s Electrical Emergency Assistance program, please see our downloadable Factsheet.

Petroleum News did a story in 2017 on AEA's Electrical Emergency Assistance. Please see a copy of the downloadable story.

AEA's goal is to reach an eligible community that has an electrical utility emergency within 48 hours. By responding quickly, the potential damage is significantly reduced. The logistics and weather of rural Alaska is a significant factor that can delay the response. Establishing good communication pathways with the utilities and the State Emergency Operation Center is key to reducing the time needed to respond and restore power.


If you are a rural Alaskan utility and have an emergency, and you would like help restoring power in your village please contact the AEA front desk during normal business hours at (907) 771-3000.

If it is after hours, you may call the State of Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, State Emergency Operation Office at (907) 428-7100 or call the 24-Hour Emergency Number at (800) 478-2337. This number is monitored during off-hours by the Wasilla police dispatch and routed to the appropriate personnel.

Contractor and Vendor Resources

The following two links provide lists of known powerline distribution contractors and diesel and switchgear vendors who may work on rural powerhouse equipment. These lists are in alphabetical order and AEA does not vouch or recommend any specific vendor or contractor. If you are a vendor or contractor and would like to be added to one or both of these lists please contact AEA.

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