Training at AVTEC as well as itinerant bulk fuel training offered on-site in communities.

AEA’s Bulk Fuel Operator training course at AVTEC provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate and maintain a bulk fuel storage facility while complying with state and federal laws. The program includes bulk fuel storage facility construction, facility operations, tank farm inspection criteria, facility maintenance, inventory control, tank farm safety, spill detection and spill response planning.

Itinerant Bulk Fuel Operator training is a follow-up to the bulk fuel operator training course taught at AVTEC. An instructor travels to communities and provides on-site training for previously-trained bulk fuel operator students. Training activities include an initial inspection of the tank farm, identification of operation and maintenance needs, hands-on repair and replacement of minor maintenance items and additional on-site training as necessary. Training for reporting requirements is provided as well, if needed.