Bradley Lake Project Management Committee Resolutions

  Year / R esolution #  Subject
2020-01 Optimization of Bradley Project Power
2020-02 Propsed Purchase of Transmission Assets
2020-03 Financing of the Proposed Transaction
2020-04 Consent to the Assignment of Sharesof Project Capacity & Amendment of BPMC  Bylaws - Manner of Acting
2020-05 Authorizing the Finacing of the Transmission Line Projects and Related Matters
2020-06 Limited Scope of Amendments to Bradley Lake Agreements and Project Transmission Line Operating Protocols
2018-01 Battle Creek Share Allocation
2018-02 2nd Amendment to the 2nd Amended/Restated O&M Agreement
2018-03 2nd Amendment to the 2nd Amended/Restated O&M Agreement
2017-01 Confirming Resolution of Battle Creek Diversion Project
2017-02 Battle Creek - Terms / Conditions Optional Project Work
2017-03 Battle Creek - Financing Project
2014-01 Telemetry of Bradley Lake into Chugach Load Balancing Area
2014-02 Maintain Status Quo
2014-09 Dispute Resolution Committeee Findings
2014-10 Final Disposition of Dispute Resolution Committee
2014-11 Resolving Disputed Issues Between Utilities
2013-02 Homer Tariff Filing
2013-03 Adoption of Reliability Standards
2013-04 Dynamic Scheduling
2013-06 Change of Project Operator
2010-02 Battle Creek
1993-11 Budget Subcommittee Authority
1993-11 Budget Change wo BPMC
1991-09 Project Completion
1991-10 Dispatch Duties
1990-08 Bonds
1989-03 PSA Approval
1989-04 Power Development Revolving Fund
1989-05 Legal Counsel
1989-06 Prior Actions
1989-07 Bonds
1988-01 Establish BPMC ByLaws
1988-02 Stability Study