West Fork Upper Battle Creek Diversion Project

The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) owns the Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project, the largest hydroelectric facility in Alaska. Located near Homer, Alaska, the 120-megawatt facility provides the lowest-cost power in the state to more than 550,000 Alaskans. To maximize the value of this renewable energy asset, AEA continually looks at ways to optimize the efficiency of the facility.


The purpose of the West Fork Upper Battle Creek Diversion is to divert glacial water from the West Fork Upper Battle Creek into Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project increasing the energy by about 10 percent. In September 2016, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission amended the Bradley license to add the West Fork Upper Battle Creek Diversion Project. Construction on the project began in May 2018. The project included the construction of three miles of road, a concrete diversion dam, and a five-foot pipe under the road to convey the water to Bradley Lake. The project is expected to produce 37,000 megawatt-hours of energy annually. This amount of energy would light 5,000 homes at an anticipated cost less than natural gas generation. Managed by AEA and paid for by Railbelt utility customers, this project is the largest improvement to the Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Facility since beginning commercial operation in September 1991.


Completed in 2020


$47 Million