The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) contracted through a competitive bid process with Gray Stassel Engineering, Inc. to prepare an  Air Quality Compliance study. The purpose of this Study is to compile and evaluate EPA air quality regulations that apply to diesel engines in stationary prime power applications in remote areas of Alaska. Diesel generation provides nearly 90% of all electricity in rural Alaska. Due to the immensity and complexity of EPA air quality rules, this Study focused primarily on diesel engines less than 800 horse power (550 kW electric prime power), located in rural Alaska utilities that consume less than 330,900-gallons of diesel/year. This classification applies to more than 500 prime power diesel gensets located in over 170 communities located in remote areas of Alaska. 

The study effort consisted of three tasks:

  • review current EPA air quality regulations
  • obtain available information on final Tier 4 engines in prime power applications
  • prepare a report that summarizes the information obtained and provide a matrix of pertinent regulations and how they apply to engines in prime power applications

Read the full study here.

AK Rural Prime Power Genset Engine Selection Matrix - Applies to Remote Areas of Alaska - 40 CFR 60.4219