The Intertie Management Committee (IMC) is responsible for the management, operation, maintenance, and improvement of the Alaska Intertie, subject to the non-delegable duties of the Alaska Energy Authority and in accordance with the provisions of the Amended and Restated Alaska Intertie Agreement (AIA). All committee members of the IMC have a substantial long-term interest in the prudent management, operation, maintenance and improvement of the Intertie. The IMC exists and operates pursuant to the terms of the AIA.

While the IMC has no physical office it has a mailing address here at the Alaska Energy Authority, whose representative is the permanent secretary of the committee:

813 West Northern Lights Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99503

Regular meetings are held as needed, but in all events at least twice a year, with the specific date and time to be determined by the committee.