Grants and Loans

Among the many services energy related services provided throughout the State, the Alaska Energy Authority also supports the State’s communities and energy infrastructure by administering grant funding programs and a loan program. In addition to these State programs, the Alaska Energy Authority also monitors and updates available energy related External Funding Resources that could benefit Alaska’s communities, organizations, and businesses. This information is available in summary form and is provided as a free service to all Alaskans. Please let us know if you are interested in joining the email list for that publication or ask if you would like help funding a specific project. 

In addition to the grant and loan programs listed here, for which participation requires an application, AEA also operates several other grant programs for which participation is based on need and other factors but no application process. These are the:

  • Bulk Fuel Upgrade Program
  • Diesel Emission Reduction Act Program
  • Rural Power System Upgrade Program