Intertie Management Committee Resolutions

  Year / R esolution #  Subject
24-02 Application for Grant - Synchrophasor Project
24-01 Application for Grant - Snowloading Project
22-01 Approval of Transfer of Certain State - Owned Cantwell Substation Assets
20-1 Consent to the Assignment of Alaska Intertie Agreement; Intertie Operational Changes; Amendment of IMC Bylaws-Manner of Acting
17-3 Operating & Reliability Standards approval
17-2 Approval to Amend the Douglas Standards approval
17-1 Approving the MOA for Douglas Substation MOA
14-2 Allocation of the Intertie costs
14-1 Organizational Structure of the IMC
13-3 Reliability standards language clean up; repeal of 13-1 and 13-2
13-2 Adopt IMC reliability standards with modification: Sunset on July 9, 2014 to all monitoring of progress; sanctions not become effective until separately approved by IMC.
13-1 Adopt system reliability and reserve criteria document dated 4/4/12 and updated 6/7/13.
12-1 Spinning Reserve (Brad Evans)
11-1 All IOC contracts, customs, operating policies associated with the Alaska Intertie and recognized by the AEA and the IOC shall remain in effect & shall be maintained by the IMC until such time