Solar technology is rapidly changing with less expensive panels, higher efficiency panels, more sophisticated inverters, and micro-inverters. There continues to be growing interest in solar installations ranging from on and off-grid residential to utility scale. AEA provides solar energy information, references, resources, and technical assistance, and shares information about solar project issues like microgrid phase imbalance.

For an up-to-date snapshot of AEA’s Solar Program activities, please see our downloadable Factsheet.

We need your help: Alaska Consumer Solar Energy Survey

Help us create a database of solar installations in Alaska by filling out this survey. The Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) uses data from and about installations to assess the growth, cost trends, and performance of solar PV technology in Alaska

Do you own a solar PV project in Alaska?

If you own a solar PV project in Alaska, please join The Open PV Project and submit your systems data today! The Open PV Project is a collaborative effort between government, industry, and the public that is compiling a comprehensive database of photovoltaic (PV) installation data for the United States. Data for the project are voluntarily contributed from a variety of sources including utilities, installers, and the public. The data collected is actively maintained by the contributors and are always changing to provide an evolving, up-to-date snapshot of the US solar power market.