Welcome to AEA's Digital Library

*User Access Limits for Digital Library Site*

Currently, AEA's Digital Library is limited to 25 concurrent users.  If you receive the following error message when trying to access the library: “Sign in failed because the number of sessions has reached the license limit, or the user account has reached its session limit, or no named user license has been allocated to the user account. [9030]”;  please try accessing the library again at a later time.

The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) online digital library platform improves the public’s ease of access to, and navigation of AEA records, both current and historical. The digital library is a robust keyword-based search and query tool for locating Alaska’s energy data from any browser-enabled device with web connectivity. At present, there are over 7,500 publicly available program publications, technical reports, research and feasibility studies, and a vast array of other document formats.

Digital Library Access

Features of the new digital library include:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Scanning: All media uploaded to the library is subject to OCR scanning. OCR scanning provides enhanced search functionality whereby user keyword searches will be applied against all matching words or phrases in document titles, as well as within the entirety of all text comprising the documents themselves.
  • Simple Navigation and Search Functionality: Users can navigate the library through a file folder structure by using the library’s browse function, or by performing simple or advanced keyword searches. The keyword search function operates like popular online search engines such as Google, Bing, and Mozilla Firefox. The more precise, defined, and/or complex the search keywords are, the faster the results will populate. If a broad term such as “renewable energy” is queried, the library server will require more time to generate search results. However, if specific renewable projects such as “Fire Island Wind” or more specific keywords are applied, this will yield shorter response times.
  • Library Server Caching: The library server is cache-enabled for each user session where the user does not leave the library which means that keyword searches that are repeated will take longer to populate on the first search, but subsequent searches using the same keywords will require less time to populate results.
  • Sort and Filter Functionality: Users can sort or filter search results based on a variety of criteria such as relevance (to the keywords applied in the search), name, and date created.

Mobile Device Disclaimer: While AEA’s digital library is accessible via mobile devices with browser functionality, it is not optimized for mobile devices. As such, AEA recommends that users looking to access the library do so using a non-mobile device enabled with a fully-updated browser.