About Alaska C-PACE

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy, or C-PACE for short, is a financing tool for improving commercial buildings with energy efficiency measures or renewable energy systems. Unlike conventional construction loans, C-PACE is designed to work specifically with the unique needs and barriers of financing building improvements, including longer loan terms, off-book debt, and repayment that transfers with the sale of property just as does the savings generated by the building improvements. Debt associated with doing the improvements is repaid via a line item on local tax assessments.

Authorizing legislation was adopted into Alaska law in 2017 (AS 29.55.100) that allows local governments to create and manage C-PACE programs. Since then, Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) has been leading an ad hoc group of stakeholders, the Alaska C-PACE Advisory Group, which is working collaboratively to initiate programs in larger jurisdictions and figure out the logistics of a statewide program administrator. In January 2019, AEA was the recipient of a $300,000 competitive grant award from the U.S. Department of Energy that will provide critical administrative assistance for standing up C-PACE in Alaska. The primary outcome of this project will be functioning C-PACE programs in a minimum of three local governments in Alaska through the following deliverables:

  1. The development of C-PACE statewide program parameters and a handbook that includes draft resolutions/ordinances for tailoring by local jurisdictions as per statutory requirements
  2. The development of a marketing plan for C-PACE covering participating taxing jurisdictions as per statutory requirements; and
  3. The development and deployment of a business plan and marketing plan for a C-PACE statewide administrator.

Alaska C-PACE Advisory Group

The Alaska C-PACE Advisory Group is comprised of stakeholders representing building contractors, capital providers, commercial building owners, energy professionals, lenders, local governments, and non-profit organizations. Together we're working to design a financing tool that will save money for businesses in your region and drive investment in your community. For more information or to learn how to can become involved, please contact AEA at (907) 771-3000.

Documents and Resources

Alaska C-PACE documents are maintained and updated here.

Municipality of Anchorage

The Municipality of Anchorage is the first local government in Alaska to adopt enabling ordinance for Alaska’s Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program. Learn more at Anchorage C-PACE Financing here.

Informational Videos


An introduction to commercial property assessed clean energy financing in Alaska.

Development of AK C-PACE

A workshop to solicit feedback on commercial property assessed clean energy financing in Alaska.

AK C-PACE for Local Government

Benefits and implications for local governments in offering commercial property assessed clean energy programs.