Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programs

The Alaska Energy Authority’s (AEA) Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programs are leading the charge in advancing Alaska’s clean energy sector. These programs collaborate with local governments, tribal organizations, non-profits, utilities, and independent power producers to implement innovative energy solutions. AEA provides technical assistance, financial support, and training to promote the use of cost-effective renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Increasingly, Alaskans and their communities are turning to renewable resources for electricity and heat generation because of the challenges and fluctuating costs associated with importing and transporting fossil fuels. These include biomass, energy storage, heat recovery, hydropower, solar, wind, and other technologies. Alaskans are also adopting energy-efficiency and conservation measures, which contribute to local economies and reduce energy costs.

AEA is actively involved in assisting numerous communities across the state in the development of renewable energy projects and energy efficiency upgrades. We facilitate collaboration among stakeholders to facilitate information sharing, project development, and technical support. AEA’s support begins at the early project stages and extends beyond completion. A successful project is one that reduces energy costs and ensures the community’s ability to operate and maintain the system throughout its useful life. AEA is committed to helping communities succeed.