Emerging Energy Technology Fund Grants

The Alaska State Legislature created the Emerging Energy Technology Fund (EETF) in 2010 to promote the expansion of energy sources available to Alaskans. The EETF is a grant program governed by AS 42.45.375 and 3 AAC 107.700 to 3 AAC 107.779. Grants are for demonstration projects of technologies that have a reasonable expectation of becoming commercially viable within five years and; test emerging energy technologies or methods of conserving energy, improve an existing technology, or deploy an existing technology that has not previously been demonstrated in the state. The program has executed three solicitations (2010, 2012, and 2016) and awarded funding to 22 projects from a pool of 106 applicants.

Program Development

After the 2008 upsurge in oil prices, the State of Alaska initiated the Renewable Energy Fund (REF) and directed the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) to administer the fund. The REF Program focuses on funding commercially viable renewable heat and power projects that are technically and economically feasible. Understanding that many new energy technologies could benefit Alaska, the State created the Emerging Energy Technology Fund (EETF) in 2010 and again directed AEA to administer the fund. Since inception, the REF has awarded $271.8 million in State funds through 287 grants across eight annual solicitations. Grantees committed an additional $152.1 million in match. These projects have highlighted the need for continued development of energy technologies and architectures to meet the diverse energy needs of Alaska.

Program Funding

The EETF Program may accept money appropriated by the legislature, gifts, bequests, contributions from other sources, including federal money appropriated to the Fund. As of 2018, $11.85 million has been committed to the Program with $6.8M coming from State funds and $5.05M coming from Federal funds. The award recipients and project partners dedicated an additional $4.7 million.

Eligibility for Funding

Technologies tested through the EETF Program include those that promote, enhance, or expand the diversity of available energy supply sources or means of transmission, increase energy efficiency, or reduce negative energy-related environmental effects. This includes technologies related to renewable sources of energy, conservation of energy, enabling technologies, efficient and effective use of hydrocarbons, and integrated systems.

Technology Demonstration

Data collection and analysis is a central component of all EETF awards and $1.1 million has been devoted to this effort. Under an agreement with the University of Alaska, the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) independently verifies and analyzes performance and other data generated by projects. Summary reports and non-sensitive data are available to the public as projects conclude.

For an up-to-date snapshot of AEA’s EETF grant program activities, please see our downloadable Factsheet.

For a complete summary of each funded EETF project, please see the EETF Program Prospectus.