With funds from the Denali Commission, AEA is developing an On-Site Utility Training program to instruct utility staff from rural communities that have received USDA Rural Utility Service funds in the past for power plant infrastructure. The in-community training will focus on activities that facilitate the electric utility in operations and in complying with reporting requirements to state and federal agencies such as:

  • Power Cost Equalization (PCE) Program
  • Power Plant Operator and Advanced Power Plant Operator
  • Electric Utility Business Management

As needed, utilities will be trained on general operations of a utility such as proper operations and maintenance, the role of the utility board, responsibilities of the utility manager, clerk, operator, and financial management actions needed to effectively manage the electric utility to move it toward sustainability. The training to be provided will supplement, not replace, existing training programs like AEA’s PCE training and the AEA power plant operator training that is conducted at the Alaska Vocational Technical Center.

Guidebook for Managing a PCE-Eligible Utility
Manager Excel Templates