Wind and hybrid energy systems development is a complex field with many moving parts. The following sections are supplied to aid in understanding the work that has been completed and provide those wishing to pursue wind some core competencies.



Case Studies






A high-resolution wind resource map of Alaska has been developed in coordination with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and AWS Truepower. This map can be used by landowners and communities to obtain a base level understanding of the relative quality of their local wind resource. The map can also be overlaid with GIS data for transmission lines, land use, or other renewable resources to aid in prospecting the ideal location for a potential project. The map integrates historical weather data at various heights above ground level, vegetation cover, terrain effects, and atmospheric simulation models. The model was then validated with local data measured by the AEA Anemometer Loan Program. For more information on how the maps are created, see:

Regional wind maps from across Alaska are provided here:






The following link will take you to an FTP site where you can access Alaska specific files and an Alaska training session manual for the hybrid system optimization software HOMER (free download at ). If you receive a "sign on" screen press enter to continue to the folder. If you have difficulty accessing the folder in this way, please cut and past the link into the address bar of your Windows Explorer window instead of your Internet Explorer window. An overview of the HOMER software can be found at HOMER Overview, NREL (1mb) . Training tutorials for HOMER optimization software can be found on this Link to HOMER Training Module.










Science Channel / Eva Creek Wind Farm

Fire Island Wind