Watch the New Akhiok Power System Update Come to Life


Existing Old Power Plant


Existing Old Power Plant — Akhiok’ s existing power plant is a modular unit (24’Lx12’Wx8’H) that was installed in the 1980s by Alaska Power Systems, Inc. The power plant is located near the airport, and houses three generator sets (gensets), One 55kW unit, one 65 kW unit, and one 100 kW unit. All generators produce 480/277V three-phase power. Each generator is connected to the synchronizing panel paralleling bus (power distribution blocks) through a contactor and a 150A circuit breaker. Woodward controllers and relays synchronize the generators and close the respective contactors for each generator. The power plant generator breakers do not have ground fault protection. The engines are old and unreliable. There is no heat recovery system. The Intermediate tank is rusty, pitting, and near the end of its useful life.

Fast Facts

Who — 
Akhiok is located at the southern end of Kodiak Island at Alitak Bay. Home to a population of 81 residents, Akhiok lies 80 miles southwest of the City of Kodiak and 340 miles southwest of Anchorage.

What — Replace the existing power system. This project includes a new powerhouse module at a new location. Additionally, the distribution system will be upgraded and replaced. When: Project is planned to be complete by December 2020. This web page will allow you to watch the powerhouse module be assembled in Anchorage, Alaska.

Where — The Akhiok Module Powerhouse is being assembled in Anchorage, Alaska The module was built by Weona Corporation, and is being assembled by Electric Power Constructors, Inc. The powerhouse module will be transported to Akhiok and installed on site by Sturgeon Electric.

Why — Akhiok’s existing power system was installed in the 1980’s. An outage in September 2017 showed the existing power system was in desperate need of replacement.

How —  In May 2018, AEA was awarded $1,500,000 of Denali Commission funds, and matched that with $2,000,000 of Rural Power System Capital funding for a new powerhouse in Akhiok. At the same time, Kodiak Area Native Association (KANA) helped the City of Akhiok apply for and received $1,289,169 from the USDA – Rural Utility Service (RUS) to replace the distribution system. AEA and KANA agreed to partner on this project to fund a complete power system replacement to the community of Akhiok.

Design Complete: March 2020
Module Complete: March 2020
Module Assemble Complete: July 2020
New Power Plant Complete: November 2020
Rural Power System Upgrade Including Distribution Complete: December 2020

Akhiok Power System Upgrade Progress

Week 18 Assembly

Week 17 Assembly

Week 16 Assembly

Week 15 Assembly

Week 14 Assembly

Week 13 Assembly

Week 11 Assembly

Week 9 Assembly

Week 7 Assembly

Week 5 Assembly

Week 3 Assembly

Week 1 Assembly

March 26, 2020 — Empty Module Structure

Akhiok History and Culture


Originally called Kashukugniut and located at Humpy Cove, Akhiok was established as a sea otter hunting settlement by the Russians in the early 19th century and then moved to its present site in 1881. Akhiok is an Alutiiq village with a fishing and subsistence lifestyle. The community was originally a sea otter hunting settlement. The name Akhiok was reported in the 1880 Census. In 1881, residents relocated to the present site at Alitak Bay. The community's Russian Orthodox church, Protection of the Theotokos Chapel, was built around 1900 at the site of an earlier structure. A post office was established in 1933. Residents of nearby Kaguyak relocated to Akhiok after the 1964 earthquake and tsunami destroyed their village. The city was incorporated in 1972.