The Power Project Fund (PPF) loan program provides loans to local utilities, local governments or independent power producers for the development, expansion or upgrade of electric power facilities, including distribution, transmission, efficiency and conservation, bulk fuel storage and waste energy.

The loan term is related to the productive life of the project but cannot exceed 50 years. Interest rates vary between tax-exempt rates at the high end and zero on the low end. The tax-exempt rate is equal to the average weekly yield of municipal bonds for the 12 months preceding the date of the loan application. The interest rate can be adjusted downward in certain circumstances to improve financial feasibility. Loan requests of more than $5 million require legislative authorization to apply.


Submit an application with application fee according to the table below.

You can download the PPF Loan application instructions and cover sheet/checklist, here.

Loan amount requested Application fee
Up to and including $100,000
>$100,000 up to and including $500,000
>$500,000 up to and including $1 million
>$1 million

For an up-to-date snapshot of AEA’s PPF loan program activities, please see our downloadable Factsheet.