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Annual Reports

In compliance with Alaska Statute 44.83.940, the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) submits an annual report to the Governor on the activities carried out within the preceding 12-month period.

• 2020 AEA Annual Report
2019 AEA Annual Report
2018 AEA Annual Report
2016 AEA Annual Report
2014 AEA Annual Report
2012 AEA Annual Report
2011 AEA Annual Report

Fact Sheets

Alaska Energy Data Inventory Fact Sheet
Alaska Intertie Fact Sheet
Biomass Fact Sheet
Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project Fact Sheet
Bulk Fuel Upgrade Fact Sheet
Circuit Rider Fact Sheet
Electrical Emergency Assistance Fact Sheet
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Fact Sheet
Energy Planning, Data Management Fact Sheet
Heat Recovery Fact Sheet
Hydroelectric Fact Sheet
Power Project Fund Fact Sheet
Renewable Energy Fund Fact Sheet
• Rural Power Systems Upgrade Fact Sheet
Training Fact Sheet
Volkswagen Settlement Fact Sheet
Wind Fact Sheet

Federal Single Audits

AEA Federal Single Audits for Fiscal Year 2021
AEA Federal Single Audits for Fiscal Year 2020
AEA Federal Single Audits for Fiscal Year 2019
AEA Federal Single Audits for Fiscal Year 2018
AEA Federal Single Audits for Fiscal Year 2016

Financial Statements

AEA Financial Statement for Fiscal Year 2021
AEA Financial Statement for Fiscal Year 2020
AEA Financial Statement for Fiscal Year 2019
AEA Financial Statement for Fiscal Year 2018
AEA Financial Statement for Fiscal Year 2017
AEA Financial Statement for Fiscal Year 2016
AEA Financial Statement for Fiscal Year 2015

Other Reports

2012 Alaska Energy Statistics Final Report
2017 Alaska Affordable Energy Strategy Report
2019 Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska

Power Cost Equalization Program Statistical Reports

Please visit the PCE Reports & Publications page here for PowerCost Equalization Program Statistical Reports by Community and by Utility


January 31, 2019 - Rewenable Energy Fund Update Letter
January 17, 2019 - Susitna-Watana Hyrdoelectric Project Update Letter